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Sheeple Beware - Tech's ruminations
October 8th, 2007
03:15 pm


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Sheeple Beware
Was home sick today and spent some time poking around the net. I have been hearing a TON of talk about reviving The "Fairness Doctrine" Now understand this, anytime someone wants to pass a "doctrine" it gives me chills.

One side says that " Talk radio isn't fair" that there are too many conservative voices on the air and the Government should regulate these stations to force them to broadcast alternative views. They believe that we the sheeple need government to protect us from unbalanced broadcasting.

The other side says that "Let the sheeple decide" we have the ability to turn off change the dial or go to alternative sources " internet, print, TV, for our views. They believe that the market" I.E. the listeners can sort out the differing view points.

On a personal note I oppose anything that inhibits free expression. I refuse to give any power to a group that I like that I would NOT want someone I didn't like, to posses.

Although NPR angers me sometimes with their condescending attitude to the "average joe" (Like Me) and the fact that they already get tax dollars for support, I still donate to them every year. Maybe not a Ton of money but I believe in paying if I am listening.

On the other hand I also listen to A.M. talk radio as well. They don't need my money ( directly or through taxes) because they have advertising dollars to pay for their broadcasting.

I don't want any bureaucracy determining what view points are broadcast. That smacks of the old soviet union and it's "state radio" I seems like a small step to government shutting down a station that doesn't meet the "doctrine" al la Venezuela.

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